Future state borrowing for college improvements up in the air


One of the surprises of this year’s Mississippi legislative session was that lawmakers did not borrow any money for capital improvement projects around the state.
The state’s eight universities, who benefit greatly from this borrowing, already are marshalling the troops to make sure the Legislature does not do the same thing in 2018.


Although students in the Mississippi Delta could not experience Monday’s rare solar eclipse like some across the nation who were able to see the moon completely cover the sun, it was a significant enough event that all schools should have dedicated some time to providing viewing devices and time for students to see the event.


Sometimes, the best part of the high school football season occurs before the first kickoff. Every team starts with high hopes of, if not a championship, at least a winning season.
Then comes the reality that some teams simply have more talent or are better coached, and the losses for the others start to mount.